In the end it all comes down to Service

Most people will agree that service is an important part of  conducting business, that's why at NATG we believe that at  the end of the day, when all is said and done, "it all comes down to service."

Installation of Telephone and Voicemail Systems
NATG employs factory trained technicians to install your Telephone and Voicemail Solutions. We receive full manufacturer support on all of our telephone equipment and if needed can have the manufacturer's technicians visit on-site to help with any specific difficulties.

Repairs, Maintenance and Service
At NATG we provide a team of factory trained NEC and Avaya telephone installation and service technicians. We provide complete remote maintenance and troubleshooting facilities and maintain a full stock of back-up parts and supplies in inventory.

Voice and Data Cabling
Our cable installation crews will ensure that your voice and data cables are installed, tested, and certified to ANSI/TIA/EIA-568, 569, 606 and 607 standards.

Telephone and Voicemail Upgrades/Expansions
NATG’s telecommunications solutions allow for continued growth and expansion utilizing alternatives other than just equipment replacement. If replacement is the only option we offer one of the most competitive trade-in allowances on equipment we’ve sold!

Business Line service
You can save money by using your system more efficiently and reducing the need for redundant lines. NATG has partnered with some of the Leading Local Exchange providers of phone lines and can arrange and configure lines that will best suit your telephone system and your company’s needs.

Proper training in the use of your communications equipment is essential in order to maximize your return on your investment. Our CSRs will train your staff on the proper and efficient use of your new equipment.

NATG’s leasing company, NATG Leasing Inc. can offer you competitive lease rates on new equipment purchases.

Smart Hands IT Assistance
Need something deployed in Vancouver - we can help. NATG has a solid team of resources that can help deploy a variety of equipment. Sometimes its brands we carry and sometimes we are acting as local “smart hands” deploying another vendor’s solution. We like to document our work, provide pictures and test results so you know the job is done right.

Demarc extension
Need a telco line extended we can help. NATG specializes in voice and data wiring, we can run telco demarc extensions for: ADSL, Shaw coax, Telus analog lines, fibre demarc extensions, and more. Often Big Carriers want large straight empty conduits or they won’t pull a cable in - in these situations we can help. We don’t promise we can do every run without some conduit but we have saved many clients lots of money and allowed them to maintain opening schedules without delays. Give us a call and see if we can help for your situation.

Cell Boosters / DAS – Distributed Antenna Systems
It’s always frustrating when your cell phone doesn't work. A lot of times it's a remote location - most of the time these days it's a new building or a parkade. If your building has no bars we can easily fix that with equipment to boost 3G / LTE. If your scenario is the I am lost in the woods and have no coverage - we can't fix that - we can only take good coverage from outside and repeat it inside. Anyone with poor to no coverage knows how your battery burns up quick searching for a signal. Call today and see if we have a solution to meet your needs.

Fibre Wiring
NATG installs Fibre Optic wiring. If you need a data uplink between switches or a cable run over 300ft – usually between a main server room (MDF) and a remote wiring closet (IDF) - then the answer is usually a multi-mode fibre cable. NATG is also skilled and experienced with single mode fibre cabling – single mode is mostly used by telephone companies delivering fibre optic internet. Our technicians are trained and specialize in the installation of Fibre Optic wiring. We can install standard LC or SC ends with our own fibre optic terminating kit. Choices of cable vary from standard indoor / outdoor cables, armoured fibre cable, and standard outside plant fibre.


National Roll Outs
Need something deployed in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, or well right across the country - we can help. We organize and maintain many multi-branch customers. Some are regional with a few offices located around the lower-mainland of Vancouver; some cover western Canada and some are coast to coast. NATG has a solid team of resources that can help deploy a variety of equipment across the country. We have deployed: switches, wifi, data wiring, phone systems, paging, cameras, and well you name it. We are used to coordinating with various technical departments in different area codes and we realize it takes a collaborative team effort to get things done. We understand that if you are going to deploy 10 branches, 100 branches, or 10,000 they should all be as consistent as possible. The more consistent the easier it is to manage multiple facilities and troubleshoot when something isn't working right. No one ever said when troubleshooting a mission critical network issue “I’m glad we saved a few bucks deploying this, but i can’t tell what anything is cause nothings labelled and every patch cord is the same colour.” We like to document our work, provide pictures, test results, and have everyone on the same page. The value of quality work pays off when things are well thought out, designed right, and done to a quality standard. Let us know about your next national rollout project - whether it’s something simple like another data drop or something more complex we would be happy to help.


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